John Lipinski, PH. D.

John completed his PhD in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Iowa, followed by a three-year post-doctoral appointment at the Institute for Neuroinformatics in Bochum, Germany focusing on dynamic systems and human cognition. Since that time he has worked as a Senior Research Psychologist the U.S. Army Research Institute, spearheaded machine learning efforts in human capital analytics for a Fortune 100 company, and led product research and development for an global assessment provider.

Along the way he has witnessed firsthand the ability of data, systematic observation, and people-first processes to increase engagement, improve workplace performance, and ultimately transform lives.

He specializes in human cognition and performance, applied machine learning, and performance measurement.

The best part of his job is collaborating on data and human capital processes to break down complicated behaviors and outcomes into digestible pieces that help leaders make better decisions and help people flourish at work.

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