04 Oct

Calculate Employee Turnover the Easy Way

turnover_calcs_made_easy_short_version_with_comments.knit In today’s tutorial I show you how to calculate employee turnover from just three columns of data: employee id, start date, and the termination...

06 Apr

How to Break Down Your Turnover Data

Breaking Down Turnover In previous posts and video tutorials we covered how to calculate turnover from your raw HR data. Today, I’m going show you...

31 Mar

Turnover: Why DO We Divide by the Average?

Turnover always commands the most attention in HR analytics. Yet, even for daily HR analytics practitioners, there seems to be a bit of mystery surrounding...

24 Oct

Is My Turnover Rate High?

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked if their turnover rate was high, I'd have....well, it wouldn't be that much money but...

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