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High-quality HR reporting is the single most important item in your workforce analytics toolkit. Seriously. Why? A recurring, high-quality-report focused on the true workforce essentials establishes the ground truth for all of your decisions and actions. It tells you where you have problems and where you don’t, where to start looking for possible solutions, and whether your actions are making things better or actually making things worse.



Predictive models receive tons of attention for good reason: they have the potential to help organizations grow and people flourish. But talk to almost any leader or HR professionals and you’ll see there is a sustained disconnect between potential and practice. To understand why, let’s start with a basic definition.



1. Analytics Skills

It’s one thing to recognize an analytics skills gap in HR. But when it comes time to closing it, many organizations feel overwhelmed and powerless, throwing up their hands and sometimes insisting that there is simply no talent to be had. We offer a different approach, one that begins with the people you already have. As we’ve highlighted elsewhere, successful analytics projects come down to just two things: domain knowledge and analytic techniques. What many businesses fail to understand is that foundational analytics capabilities are actually easier to develop than domain knowledge. If you are looking to grow your in-house HR analytics capabilities, we can provide core training to your current HR team a get you off the ground in weeks.


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