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30 Mar

Predictive HR Analytics: How to Build a Basic Logistic Regression Model

Overview In our previous post, we explained the basics of logistic regression, what it is, what it does, and why you should care. In today’s...

03 Mar

Predictive HR Analytics: What is Logistic Regression?

How to Predict Categorical Outcomes: Logistic Regression Fundamentals Logistic regression is an essential tool in your analytics toolkit. It’s great for basic predictive models like...

09 Feb

How to Calculate Monthly Turnover using R

A step-by-step tutorial for calculating monthly turnover using R. We include the code and detailed explanations for everything from filtering with dates, setting up logical...

01 Dec

How to Use RStudio for the Total Beginner

An accessible introduction to RStudio for the total beginner. Includes coverage of the four primary panels and a few basic examples to get you started...

17 Aug

Webinar: Calculating Employee Turnover, Part 2

In partnership with my friends at AIHR. Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

17 Aug

Webinar: Calculating Employee Turnover, Part 1

In partnership with my friends at AIHR. Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

08 May

Reproducible HR Analytics, Part 2

In the previous post I talked about the value of reproducible research and provided a bare-bones introduction to R Markdown, a great vehicle for combining...

25 Apr

Reproducible HR Analytics, Part 1

One of the most common challenges in HR analytics (and really analytics) is understanding and reconstructing work you did before. In the moment of creation,...

28 Mar

HR Datasets for Analytics Mastery

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Learning to DO HR Analytics requires data. To reduce our collective search time I'm providing some useful links below. Some of...

employee absenteeism
16 Mar

Doing HR Analytics: How To Calculate Workday Absence Rate

Introduction There is an old saying that "80% of success is just showing up". Regardless of who actually said it first (Woody Allen?), HR professionals...

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