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19 Jul

How to Make Your Own HR Analytics Reporting Template using R and RMarkdown

In previous posts I've covered how to calculate and breakdown turnover data in yourorganization. Today I want to provide you a very basic R Markdown...

06 Jul

Take These 3 Simple Steps to Avoid Common HR Analytics Pitfalls

HR Analytics/People Analytics has picked up steam in the last decade. Indeed, many companies today have a fully dedicated HR analytics team, replete with data...

26 Jun

Starting Your HR Analytics Program? Follow this Golden Rule

Ten years ago, HR Analytics was fairly new. This made it somewhat easier to get started because few people and even fewer organizations had any...

12 Feb

R Dataframes for the Total Beginner

This short tutorial video explains the very basics of dataframes in R, the single most important data structure when using R for HR analytics task....

01 Jun

How Correlations Can Fool You: The Hidden Dangers of Non-Linearity

knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE) library(wesanderson) #color palettes library(dplyr) #tidyverse to make our lives better library(fMultivar) wp <- wes_palette("Darjeeling1") #specific color palettes Correlations are the simplest and...

11 May

A Simple Model with Major Insights on Selection Bias

I mentioned earlier that I have been reading (and rereading) Scott Page’s masterful book “The Model Thinker”. If you are serious about understanding models and...

27 Apr

How to Avoid Aggregation Errors and Simpson’s Paradox In HR Analytics: Part 2

In our previous post we described the basic premise of Simpson’s Paradox: aggregate data and see one trend, separate your analyses and see another. Today...

20 Apr

How to Avoid Aggregation Errors and Simpson’s Paradox in HR Analytics: Part 1

Recently I’ve been reading Scott Page’s masterful book “The Model Thinker”. It’s full of powerful insights so in this and future posts, I will be...

06 Apr

How to Break Down Your Turnover Data

Breaking Down Turnover In previous posts and video tutorials we covered how to calculate turnover from your raw HR data. Today, I’m going show you...

30 Mar

Predictive HR Analytics: How to Build a Basic Logistic Regression Model

Overview In our previous post, we explained the basics of logistic regression, what it is, what it does, and why you should care. In today’s...

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