HR Business Partners always have a ton on their plate, covering everything from recruitment and hiring to productivity to critical conversations with key business leaders. The growth of data and analytics was supposed to make things easier and but somehow the benefits (and business relevance) of all this data are not always clear. For many it’s actually made their jobs harder.

We can help HR Business partners move from data insanity to analytics clarity the two key pieces HR Business Partners need to start use data effectively and have more informed, powerful conversations with leaders of every level.

First, we give you the essential framework you need to ask questions that give you the power to transform complicated problems across the business into tractable data questions.

This business-first approach keeps you focused on the big picture and prevents you from getting side-tracked by overly complicated and ultimately irrelevant work. Indeed, it is precisely this clarity that typically simplifies the analytics requirement and shortens the time to an actionable result. The best part? It’s an essential framework that you can repeatedly use to strengthen you own.

Second we deliver the nitty-gritty analytics acumen needed to answer those questions and then translate those insights back to business actions.

For some companies, this means a focused, short-term consulting effort targeting a limited set of truly critical questions replete with reports, predictive, specific guidance on next steps. For others, it means a longer-term partnership that helps determine the key areas of focus and then establishes recurring analytics process that deliver. For still others, it means starting on the ground floor to stand up wholly internal analytics capabilities with members of your current team. Together, we can transform genuinely independent, engaged HR analytics insiders.

Every business is different, every culture unique. Your HR analytics should reflect that. Our engaged approach guarantees it.

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