Early/Mid-Career HR Professionals

Early and mid-career HR professionals are seeing the impact of analytics at work everyday in both HR and across the business. The growth of analytics is exciting but it can be viewed as either an opportunity or a threat depending how you see things. Those who have a stronger technical background might alrady be diving in to boost their analytics skills while others with a stronger people focus may be starting to feel left behind, threatened, intimidated or some combination of all three.

This is understandable given the typical expert chest pounding and intentionally confusing buzzwords.

It’s also unnecessary.

When it comes to learning foundational HR analytics, we can give you all the tools and concepts you need to radically change your capacity to learn, grow your career, stand out, and making a truly noticeable.

How are we different? We drop the bluster and we build your skills from the ground up. All you need is the willingness to learn. That’s it.

This low-key, patient accessible approach will give you the know-how and the confidence you need to keep your career and your contributions growing. If you are looking to kick off your analytics journey with a small team instead, we can do that to by providing the individual learning paths as well as the foundational processes that lead to repeatable, actionable rhythm of insights that raise your visibility and your impact.

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