Our Audience

Early/Mid-Career HR Professionals

Early and mid-career HR professionals are seeing the impact of analytics at work everyday in both HR and across the business. The growth of analytics is exciting but it can be viewed as either an opportunity or a threat depending how you see things. Those who have a stronger technical background might alrady be diving in to boost their analytics skills while others with a stronger people focus may be starting to feel left behind, threatened, intimidated or some combination of all three.


HR Business Partners

HR Business Partners always have a ton on their plate, covering everything from recruitment and hiring to productivity to critical conversations with key business leaders. The growth of data and analytics was supposed to make things easier and but somehow the benefits (and business relevance) of all this data are not always clear. For many it’s actually made their jobs harder.



Those in the C-suite face enormous pressures from all directions. To make the best decisions, they first need to trust the nformation presented to them. This is particularly true when it comes to workforce data and the need to not only understand the true current state but also project into the future. And let’s face it, people are messy and organizations composed of people all the more so. Often, their data is too.


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