HR Datasets for Analytics Mastery

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Learning to DO HR Analytics requires data. To reduce our collective search time I’m providing some useful links below.

Some of these are fairly basic while others are richer, but they all provide examples of the kinds of data you should expect to see on your analytics journey.

Getting dirty with new data will help you develop intuitions and processes for your day-to-day analytics work and keep things fresh to keep you motivated.

Beyond these, I would encourage you to explore the numerous government data sources freely available.

If you have any additional sources to suggest, send them along so I can add them to the list and share for the benefit of the group.

I’ll do my best to keep these current but just let me know if a link needs to be refreshed.

Have Fun!

Government Datasets

Kaggle Datasets

Master Resources

  • US Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • Note: This is higher-level, aggregate data that we normally don’t talk about in HR Analytics but it can be helpful to explore the broader labor market as part of your analytics work, esp. if you are creating predictive models.
    • Hint: Try the “One-Screen Data Search” or “Data Finder” to make your way to the data itself. You might need to poke around a bit.

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