04 Oct

Calculate Employee Turnover the Easy Way

turnover_calcs_made_easy_short_version_with_comments.knit In today’s tutorial I show you how to calculate employee turnover from just three columns of data: employee id, start date, and the termination...

19 Jul

How to Make Your Own HR Analytics Reporting Template using R and RMarkdown

Today I want to give you a very basic HR analytics reporting template in RMarkdown. As a reminder, R Markdown (Rmd) files provide a convenient...

06 Jul

HR Analytics Pitfalls: 3 Simple Steps to Avoid Them

Many companies today have a fully dedicated HR analytics team, replete with data scientists, a solid budget, data access, and high-quality reporting tools that help...

26 Jun

The Golden Rule of HR Analytics: The Why and How for Beginners

Lots of companies now have a fully fledged HR analytics team and fairly mature reporting processes that help organizations make better people decisions. But what...

04 Jun

How to Use the Pipes Function (%>%) in R: A Two-Minute Tutorial

The pipes function (you know, that funky "%>%" symbol in R) is an incredibly powerful tool for fast, efficient, and understandable R code. But many...

27 Feb

R for the Total Beginner: Basics of Column Selection and Row Filtering

https://youtu.be/Nne-oo_i2lY This installment for R for the Total Beginner teaches the basics of column selection and row filtering. We take the mystery out of the...

12 Feb

R Dataframes for the Total Beginner

This short tutorial video explains the very basics of dataframes in R, the single most important data structure when using R for HR analytics task....

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