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What We Do

We help people create HR Analytics insights to understand their workforce, make better people decisions, and propel their careers.

How We Do It

Data is a powerful tool, but with all the analytics jargon and expert chest thumping,it’s hard to know where to start.

We strip away the nonsense and noise to help you understand data fundamentals, identify the critical questions surrounding your people and process,
and then work with you to answer those questions and set you up for action.

The result is an accessible,actionable analytics toolkit for generating tailored workforce insights that convert to customized business solutions.

Why it Matters

When you leverage workforce data in the context of your specific organizational knowledge,people flourish and companies grow.

Analytics is a critical tool for understanding your workforce, where people succeed and where they fail, when they stay and when they leave.

A true analytics process sets you up for recurring insights with the power to transform yourdecision-making and your people.

Workforce analytics is a pathway to that success and it’s within your control.

Who We Are

John Lipinski, Ph.D. completed his graduate work in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Iowa followed by a three-year appointment as a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Neuroinformatics in Bochum, Germany.

After working at the U.S. Army Research Institute, he transitioned to the private sector where is now a data scientist, applied research psychologist, and product developer in Human Capital and HR Analytics.

Along the way he witnessed firsthand the value and power of analytics literacy across all slices of the workforce and all levels of leadership. In short, people who understand analytics tend to make better, more informed decisions for themselves and for those that depend on them.

He specializes in rigorous descriptive statistics, predictive analytics, machine learning, hiring, development, and performance measurement.

He employs a deeply collaborative approach to understanding organizations and enjoys breaking down the complicated stuff into digestible pieces, learning from his clients, and developing customized solutions that help others understand their people and their organizations to make better people decisions

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